This page forms part of the Academy of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting Research (UK), a collaborative enterprise in operation between 2004 - 2014. It is preserved as an historical document for reference purposes only. Some information contained within it may no longer refer to current practice. 


Academy work streams

The Academy is pursuing five work streams in areas where it is thought we can have the greatest impact. These work streams were identified at an Academy Colloquium in February 2009 and refined at a subsequent Board meeting in March 2009. It is anticipated that some of the work stream outputs may include seminars, supportive opportunities, publications and helpful advice on our website.


Leads - Professor Pauline Pearson and Professor Annie Topping.

The Academy's mentorship programme is being funded by the Health Foundation for an initial two-year period (2009-2011).

Planned Outputs – A register of Academy mentors and a mentorship development programme running in 2009-2011.

Achievements to Date:

The first Academy Mentorship Development mentorship development day was held in February 2010.

The first cadre of Academy Mentors are currently working on their profiles for posting on this website.

Mentorship was one of the themes discussed at the Academy's third annual Colloquium in March 2010. An audience of senior service and research leaders heard from programme co-leads and then from Dr Nigel Eady, Programme Manager at the Academy of Medical Sciences, about their mentorship programme.

The Academy is likely to offer this programme for the three years following 2011. Funding is presently being negotiated to continue this work.

Service and Research

Leads – Professor Tony Butterworth, Professor Kate Gerrish and Dr Cheryll Adams

The Academy seeks to build purposeful relationships and develop research agendas between researchers and those who manage, lead and deliver services. 

Planned Outputs – An action agenda to explore key areas where service and academics can best focus their research is actively being developed. The distinct phases of this work are:

  1. Two rounds of a Delphi survey were undertaken with senior service leaders and academics during 2009 and an agreed list of questions were generated from this work. The results were debate3d at the Academy's March Colloquium and it was agreed that the list should be exposed to scrutiny by people who use services.
  2. The Carers Federation has agreed to help the Academy to undertake this consultive task and meetings will take place during 2010.
  3. Funding is being pursued for the appointment of a senior academic to work with the Academy to refine the emerging questions and seek further funding for the eventual research activity.

Next steps will be discussed and agreed at the Academy Colloquium in March 2010.

Developing health improvement research

Leads – Dr Ann McMahon and Professor Tony Butterworth

In September 2009, the Academy held a shared event with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. The report of this event can be found elsewhere on our website. 

Planned Outputs

A second invitation-only event will be held in 2010. A debate to refine the Academy's thinking on our understanding of 'innovation' will be part of this event.

The Academy is seeking to fund a series of 'Innovation Fellowships' beginning in either 2010 or 2011. Fellows will be established on a seconded, one-year period.  

Research leadership and capability

Leads – Professor Tony Butterworth, Professor Sally Kendall, Dr Cheryll Adams, Sue Macdonald and Professor Melanie Jasper

The focus of this work stream is to assist the next generation of research leaders to enhance their skills in capability development and practice-based research.

Planned outputs

1) The Academy, in collaboration with the NIHR CLRN will host a meeting in June 2010 in Manchester to consider the career prospects of nurses working in Clinical Research Centres. The meeting will involve colleagues from the CLRN, the Academy, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, NHS Employers and the NHS Institute. A report of this meeting will be placed on this website.

2) In collaboration with the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust a series of lectures will be offered from leading research academics who are nurses, midwives or health visitors. This lecture series will be advertised in greater detail on our website.

3) The Academy is seeking active engagement in the leadership development work of the Department of Health and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

Partnerships with industry

Leads – Professor Sarah Cowley and Dr Tricia Grocott

It is seen as important that the professions' understanding and capability to work with industry partners is better articulated. NHS Innovation hubs will offer some expert view as well as key research centres already focussing on this kind of work.

Planned Outputs – A position paper on our web site and a publication.

Achievements to Date: Tricia Grocott (Reader in Palliative Wound Care) presented a paper to a May 2009 Steering Committee meeting.

Other potential work

There are three remaining work areas that require further thought and appointed ‘leads’. We may need to draw in other expertise to turn the list in actions.

  1. Building research capacity in public health.
  2. Demonstrating the cost effectiveness of nurse-led interventions.
  3. Research into and with education